"Be kinder than necessary, For everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle" - Plato loosely

We all encounter rough patches in life when we find ourselves stuck or feeling held back by an obstacle placed in our path. Therapy can empower us with the tools to overcome those obstacles so that we can move forward strengthened and better prepared for the future. Share with me a glimpse into your world; together we can and use your strengths to face your hardships, and find your path forward. Your comfort with this process is important to me. I invite you try out therapy with me to see if we are a good fit. I offer a free 15 minute consultation and encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

Lets Meet

SolRise Psychology is a secure online therapy practice serving Pennsylvania residents. Therapy is conducted using a HIPPA compliant, face to face technology. The only thing needed is a computer, webcam, and high speed internet. 

Perhaps Online therapy is for you if you:

Have wanted to try therapy, but didn’t feel comfortable going into an office
Live in a small town
with few options
for therapy
Travel often or have a busy schedule with little time
for therapy
Just feel more relaxed doing therapy in the comfort of your own home
Have a child or teen that you struggle to get to therapy
Have health concerns that limit your ability to leave home
Lack transportation
to appointments

*All of my services are by appointment only for non-emergency situations. If you are in crisis - actively thinking about harming yourself or others at this time, please keep safe by going to the nearest hospital emergency room or call: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or visit: